SAA Award for Excellence in Public Education

This award acknowledges excellence in the sharing of archaeological information with the public. These substantial contributions are made either through writing or speaking about archaeology, developing and/or presenting educational content about archaeology, and/or producing educational materials and/or other activities about archaeology.

This award is conferred on a rotating, 3-year, cycle of categories (a) Community and Public Programming, (b) Curricula for Non-Archaeologists and (c) Media and Information Technology.

The recipients of the Excellence in Public Education Award promote a standard for Public Archaeology Outreach. Public Archaeology is at the core of Stewardship - the central Principle of Archaeological Ethics that holds that archaeologists are care-takers and advocates for the archaeological record and that archaeologists should become aware of and respect the wide range of other legitimate interests in the possible uses of archaeological sites. Those involved with public education and outreach issues appreciate that archaeological research and preservation initiatives ultimately depend on public support. Their endeavors embrace and promote the understanding that the archaeological record is a public trust. To this end, this award honors those actions that promote the SAA Principles of Stewardship and Public Education and Outreach.


Page Updated 3/7/2013