CRM & Stakeholder Involvement

The following examples represent agency directives and regulatory mandates as well as ethical standards of practice.
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 Success in Stewardship: Rapid Response to Unexpected Discovery Keeps Project Moving
Federal Highway Administration/Environment Monthly Newsletter, August 2003. A transportation improvement project threatening a historical period cemetery in Refugio, Texas, led to Tribal and public involvement in preserving 175 burials and inspired interest in community local history. This article summarizes the project planning and consultation and provides tips for balancing preservation and construction.

Stewardship of the James Dexter Site: The Context for Decision Making on the Excavation
When the house site of James Dexter, a free black American, was found to be within the footprint of planned construction, the National Park Service’s consultations with local community groups lead to a reevaluation of the proposed treatment of the site.

 The President's House: Freedom and Slavery in Making a New Nation 
A joint undertaking of the City of Philadelphia and the National Park Service, the President's House project was in response to community interest, in particular that of the Avenging the Ancestors Coalition (ATAC) and the Independence Hall Association. This web site hosted by the Mayor's Office of the City of Philadelphia, has, among other resources, the President's House Site Archeology Briefing Paper, texts of several Community Roundtable Discussions, and links to the Independence Hall Association's extensive coverage of the President's House history, re-discovery, expanded interpretation, and commemoration.


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