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These US and European-based centers aim to improve society's relationship with archaeological resources through dedicated study of public dialogue, community outreach, technological research, and policy development .

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The Center for Public Archaeology at Hofstra University

The Center for Public Archaeology was founded by Christopher Matthews and Jenna Coplin of the Department of Anthropology at Hofstra University in 2008. The Center works with Hofstra students and the greater community to think critically about the relationships between the past and present and the experience of place on Long Island, focusing on the the archaeology of poor and marginal people, such as enslaved and free African Americans, historic Native Americans, and others whose histories are hidden by mainstream conceptions of history on Long Island.  

 The Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation
This research center was founded in 1998 to study and improve the relationship of heritage to society through public dialogue and community activities, technological research and innovation, and international heritage policy. The Ename Center also develops and disseminates expertise relating to the public interpretation and sustainable development of archaeological sites as well as museums, historical monuments and landscapes.

 The Center for Heritage Resources Studies
Associated with the University of Maryland, this program is dedicated to “responsible heritage development”. It brings scholars and practioners together to support a comprehensive approach to the study of heritage, in particular the relationship between heritage and the environment.

 The Center for Archaeology in the Public Interest (C.A.P.I.)
Associated with Indiana University, Bloomington; “promoting an inclusive and reflexive approach to archaeology”

 Center for American Archeology
Investigates the precontact history of Illinois through “integrated programs of archeological investigation, educational outreach and cultural stewardship”

 The Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN)
Network of professional archaeologists throughout the state of Florida whose mission it is to “educate the public about the wealth of archaeological resources within our state” and to reach out to communities interested in archaeology.

 The Public Archaeology Facility (PAF) and Community Archaeology Program (CAP) Binghamton University, NY
The PAF provides CRM work and practices public archaeology by increased visibility in local communities. This is the training facility for undergraduates and graduates in the archaeology program at Binghamton University. The CAP allows the lay public to participate in archaeological excavations conducted by the PAF; an alternative program is geared toward local youth educators. Website provides some links to particular excavation sites, including the research proposal for a 2007 excavation in the Hale Eddy Prehistoric Archaeological District.


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