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Each board member serves as a liaison to various committees and task forces. To find out more about the charges and members of these advisory bodies, please refer to the Committee and Task Force pages.

Daniel Sandweiss President-Elect


Daniel Sandweiss, PhD, RPA, President (2025)

I am a professor in the Climate Change Institute and the Department of Anthropology at the University of Maine. My research focuses on archaeological contributions to understanding climate change (mainly El Niño), human-environment interaction, and maritime adaptations. Most of my field work has been on the coast of Peru. I have been a member of SAA for over 40 years and have served on many committees and task forces as well as the board. From working with students and colleagues, I have come to believe that equity issues, professional development, and advocacy for the archaeological record need to be at the core of what we do moving forward.

Dan can be reached at



Kelley Hays-Gilpin, RPA, Secretary (2023)

I’m a U.S. Southwest archaeologist specializing in visual arts. I teach at Northern Arizona University and serve as curator of anthropology at the Museum of Northern Arizona. Currently, I co-chair a subcommittee exploring ways to increase diversity and inclusion in the SAA.



Barbara Roth


Barbara J. Roth, PhD, Secretary-Elect (2023)

I am a professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I received my PhD in Anthropology from the University of Arizona and have done fieldwork in the Southwest US, Wyoming, Colorado, and France. My research has focused on the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture in the Southwest, and I currently work in the Mimbres Mogollon region of southwestern New Mexico examining household and community organization during the Pithouse and Classic period pueblo periods. I have also been doing work in the Mojave Desert examining prehistoric hunter-gatherer land use.



Kimberly Redman, MA, RPA, Treasurer (2024)

I am an owner and the president of a CRM firm in western Colorado. My primary research interest is lithic technological organization, though I now focus on the financial and organizational health of my company and its employees. I feel strongly that, as a discipline, archaeology needs to focus on engaging the public and connecting with knowledge that descendant communities hold. I serve on boards because I believe that volunteerism and the strength of diverse voices make our society better.



Jim Bruseth, PhD, RPA, Director-at-Large (2023)

I am currently a commissioner for the Texas Historical Commission, and I chair the Texas Antiquities Advisory Board. Previously, I was the director of the Texas Historical Commission’s Archaeology Division. I have been involved in prehistoric, historic, and maritime archaeology for over 40 years.



Maria Gutierrez, PhD, Director-at-Large (2024)

My research explores long-term hunter-gatherer strategies in the Pampean grassland of Argentina, focusing on subsistence and site formation processes as revealed by zooarchaeology and actualistic taphonomy. I teach at the Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNICEN, Argentina), at Universidad del Norte (Colombia), and at ESPOL (Ecuador). I encourage greater involvement in the SAA by Latin American scholars and students, including participation in meetings, interest groups, online seminars, and other opportunities for professional development.

Desiree Martinez


Desireé R. Martinez, MA, RPA, Director-at-Large (2025)

I am president of Cogstone Resource Management, Inc., a Registered Professional Archaeologist, and a Tongva (Gabrielino) community member. I received my MA (Anthropology) from Harvard University and my BA (Anthropology) from the University of Pennsylvania. I am co-Director of the Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Project, a native-centered research project that melds archaeology with traditional knowledge in collaboration with the Gabrielino (Tongva) community members.


Bonnie L. Pitblado, RPA, Director-at-Large (2023)

I am an anthropology professor at the University of Oklahoma and the founder/ED of the Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network (OKPAN). My research focuses on the initial peopling of the western hemisphere, with particular emphasis on the Rocky Mountains. I have a lifelong interest in fostering an inclusive archaeology, and that is the value I try to bring to all my SAA board duties and decisions.

Anna Marie Prentiss

Anna Marie

Anna Marie Prentiss, PhD, Director-at-Large (2025)

I am professor and graduate program coordinator in the anthropology department at the University of Montana.  I have also worked as a cultural resource management professional in public and private sectors.  My research concerns uses of archaeology to understand ancient Indigenous history and the cultural evolutionary process.  I am the SAA Board liaison to the Committee on Awards and Scholarships.  



Paola Schiappacasse, PhD, RPA, Director-at-Large (2024)

I am an anthropologist who specializes in Caribbean historical archaeology. My research focuses on documentary archaeology, ethnohistory, museum anthropology, and sites of isolation. I teach at the University of Puerto Rico and have worked extensively in CRM. I also serve as board liaison to the Committee on Awards and Scholarships and the Committee on Museums, Collections, and Curation.

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