Annual Meeting Policies

All registrants of the SAA Annual Meeting must agree to abide by the following policy:

  • I agree to adhere to the SAA events Code of Conduct and understand that my failure to do so may result in my removal from the SAA conference and any future SAA conferences without refund of my registration fee.

In addition to the above, meeting presenters agreed to abide by the following policies:

  • In order to participate in the Society for American Archaeology’s 90th Annual Meeting, I understand that I must be a member of SAA during the year of the meeting (2025). By Board policy, outlined in the submissions guidelines, current members must renew for 2025 by January 30, 2025.  If I do not renew/join by the applicable deadline, I understand that my submission will be rejected by the Board of Directors and that it cannot be reinstated.
  • I certify that this submission conforms to the Principles of Archaeological Ethics.
  • I am not and have not ever been the subject of discrimination or harassment lawsuit or related administrative complaint that resulted in an adverse finding; I do not have and have not had a current or pending disciplinary action, such as suspension or termination of registration resulting from a Register of Professional Archaeologists’ grievance investigation.
  • I understand that SAA has the right to modify or cancel any submission at any time for any reason upon written notice to the member.
  • I give my express consent for SAA to use my personal data to provide its programs and services. For example, SAA will use meeting registration data for its program. I understand that I may contact SAA at any time at to have my personal data removed from its database or to ask how SAA will use my data. I understand a request to erase data will terminate a membership because SAA will not be able to mail any print publications and provide online benefits. Users may opt-out of specific email communications as detailed in the SAA Privacy Policy. I have reviewed and accept the terms of the Privacy Policy.
  • I agree my presentation may be recorded and made available to meeting registrants and I understand that registrant names and e-mails may be shared. I hereby grant the SAA a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to record and make available any presentation or comments for the sole purpose of making such presentation available to SAA meeting participants through 2025.
  • The SAA recognizes that images of human remains have the potential to be offensive and unsettling to some members of our community and those communities with whom we work. We ask that presenters please indicate whether or not their presentation includes such images in an effort to create a more respectful environment for all.



Refund Policy

The SAA Board has established meeting registration policy. In the event an SAA annual meeting is canceled, meeting registrations will automatically be applied to the next year’s annual meeting unless a full refund is specifically requested.

Current refund policies will continue to apply for all SAA annual meetings that go forward. These are:

  • The SAA has always refunded (in full) anyone unable to attend the Annual Meeting (we require documentation).
  • Registration fees for presenters who elect to withdraw from the program will be refunded by the SAA office—minus a $25 processing fee—upon receipt of an e-mailed or written request (no verbal requests, please) timestamped postmarked by December 1 immediately prior to the meeting. Program participants are not eligible for any refunds after December 1 for any given meeting.
  • Advance registration fees for those not on the program who elect to not attend will be refunded by the SAA office—minus a $25 processing fee—upon receipt of e-mailed or written request (no verbal requests, please) postmarked by the advance registration date deadline. 
  • No refunds are available after the advanced registration deadline except in the case of registrants who provide documentation that shows they cannot attend, such as a visa denial, governmental travel advisory or prohibition, employer travel prohibition, or medical reason.
  • In the event an SAA annual meeting is canceled, meeting registrations will automatically be applied to the next year's annual meeting unless a full refund is specifically requested.
  • Hotel: Members must notify the hotel of their cancelation.
  • Travel: We strongly encourage meeting participants to familiarize themselves in advance with refund and cancellation policies for airlines, car rentals, trains, or other travel providers, as there is likely to be a great deal of variation in what is allowed.


  • May 01, 2024

    Submission System Opens

  • September 05, 2024

    Submission Deadline 3:00 p.m. EDT

  • November 15, 2024

    Deadline for Nonmember Annual Meeting Presenters to Join the SAA

  • January 30, 2025

    Membership Renewal Deadline for Current Member Participants

  • March 01, 2025

    Advance Registration Closes