[141] Electronic Symposium - Decolonizing Diet: Supporting Indigenous Food Sovereignty through Archaeology
 Room: Continental A
 Time: 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
 Chairs: Anna Antoniou and Elspeth Geiger



Anna Antoniou, Earl Davis and Kristine Torset—“Good Bones”: Zooarchaeological Data as Legal Evidence for the Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe


Samantha Bosco and Brad Thomas —Skarù·ręʔ Food Forest Project: Community Engaged Indigenous Agroforestry at the Tuscarora Nation


Chelsea Fisher—How the Archaeology of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Can Counter “Unused Land” Narratives and Support Indigenous Maya Food Sovereignty


Elspeth Geiger—From Fire to Fruit: Opportunities for the Integration of Archaeological Data with Anishinaabe Wild Harvests

Katy Leonard-Doll, Sara Gonzalez, Ian Kretzler and Joyce LeCompte—Grand Ronde Foodways: Survivance and Food Sovereignty on the Grande Ronde Reservation


Natasha Lyons, Tanja Hoffmann, Roma Leon, Mike Leon and Michael Blake—How Can Archaeobotany Be Put into Service of Katzie Food Sovereignty?


Marie Richards—Wiisinidaa (Let's Eat): Anishinaabek Food Sovereignty and Resilience in Michigan's Straits of Mackinac



Gabriel Sanchez, Michael Grone and Alexii Sigona—Centering Indigenous Foodways, Culture, and Stewardship: Perspectives from the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band

Lisa Young, Hannah Hoover and Sarah Oas—Native American Seed Keepers and the Watermelon


Disclaimer: Not to cite papers without the author's express permission



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