Ballot Announcement FAQ

Oct 07, 2019

**Correction** The initial e-mail to members from SAA’s Intelliscan account incorrectly indicated that the Bylaws Committee had put forth an alternate amendment. The alternate amendment was actually proposed by the Board in response to the recommendations of the Bylaws Committee.

Read the Q & A for Amendment #2

Voting has ended. Thank you for participating in this important decision.

  • What took so long?
    • SAA’s Board and staff wanted to move this amendment forward in a deliberate and conscientious manner, which required giving the Bylaws Committee time to complete their mandated review and waiting for the Task Force on Sexual and Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures to produce a recommendation of additional steps that the Board could review at a full meeting. SAA must also mail notification of the ballot to 86 members who do not have an e-mail address, and that notification is sent with the intention that it be received prior to the online system opening to give all members equal access to the online voting platform.
  • Who is eligible to vote?
    • All 2019 SAA voting members are able to vote in the election. Associate and honorary members are non-voting members.
  • What will the ballot consist of?
    • The complete ballot will include the petitioned amendment, a Board-proposed amendment, background for each, the recommendation of the Bylaws Committee, instructions for voting, and the final voting mechanism.
    • A PDF version of the ballot can be accessed here.
  • Why did the Board propose an alternative amendment?
    • The Bylaws Committee agrees with the referendum signers’ intentions and advise that any change to the bylaws be written to encompass the complete range of possible infractions, not focus exclusively on any single issue.
    • The Board agreed with this recommendation and proposed an alternative that specifically includes sexual assault and harassment and also addresses actions contrary to the Principles of Archaeological Ethics, Board policies, and the Bylaws of the Society.
  • When will we be able to view the Bylaws Committee’s recommendation?
    • The Bylaws Committee recommendation will be included with the ballot.
    • A PDF version of the ballot can be accessed here.
  • Is paper voting an option?
    • In keeping with SAA’s other elections processes, all ballots must be cast online.
  • How long will it take to announce results?
    • We anticipate being able to announce results within a week of the close of voting. 
  • What will happen if either amendment is approved?
    • SAA’s Board is working on new policies for the 2020 meeting. If either amendment receives a majority, the amendment with a larger majority will be incorporated into the Bylaws of the Society.
  • Who should I contact if I have difficulty using the online ballot?
    • For technical support while using the online ballot, please contact our voting vendor, Intelliscan, at or (610) 935-6172.
    • For 2019 members who are eligible to vote and did not receive an e-mail or mailed postcard, please contact