Results of the SAA Bylaws Referendum Vote

Nov 22, 2019


The results of the bylaws referendum are now available; you can see highlights below and the full report from our vendor Intelliscan here

We first want to thank all our members who voted, and all those who engaged around it. We are grateful to the initial organizers of the bylaws referendum for pushing action on this essential issue, particularly the efforts of the Awesome Small Working Group (ASWG) who have worked to improve SAA from the very beginning. We would also like to thank the members of the Bylaws Committee, who contributed countless hours of time meeting, reviewing, and preparing recommendations throughout this process.

Out of 2,006 ballots cast, Amendment 1, proposed by ASWG, received 972 ballots in favor and 1,034 against. Amendment 2, proposed by SAA, received 1,560 ballots in favor and 446 against. In accordance with the vote, Amendment 2 has gone into effect as of 12:00 am Midnight November 20, 2019.

The full ballot can be found here.

The Board will be developing and publishing policies to implement this amendment immediately, and will continue to keep members informed through that process. As SAA moves forward, we encourage all members to continue providing direct and honest feedback on our efforts to improve safety and communication.

The full vote results have been verified by Intelliscan, including vote-by-day numbers and the percentage of votes cast for each amendment, and are available in this PDF. The Bylaws on the SAA website will be updated soon.

Questions regarding the new bylaws can be submitted to this form through December 1, 2019, and answers will be posted publicly after the holiday weekend. ​