Registration is Open for "Virtual Heritage and Public Archaeology" Seminar

Nov 01, 2021

Digital and collaborative archaeologies are not just great transdisciplinary methodologies, they are vital to the future of archaeology. Digital technologies provide a powerful toolkit for researching, interpreting, and sharing archaeological knowledge with the public.

Join instructor Edward González-Tennant on November 17, 2021, for the SAA online seminar “Virtual Heritage and Public Archaeology.”  (RPA-Certified)

Registration is now open!

The growing use of virtual technologies by archaeologists is possible because of advances in computing power, expanding Internet access, and the maturation of free and open source software (FOSS). This online seminar will discuss best practices for integrating virtual applications into larger public archaeology work. A brief discussion of digital archaeology grounds an exploration of virtual reality (VR) and similar applications like augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). The instructor will present best practices in terms of workflows, available software, and online platforms, followed by a case study exploring more than 15 years of work regarding the 1923 Rosewood Massacre. Ultimately, this seminar is oriented toward providing participants applicable knowledge useful for crafting strong proposals, tailoring work to diverse audiences, and involving stakeholders across the lifetime of projects.


  • Differentiate virtual reality from similar terms such as augmented reality, mixed reality, and various 3D applications.
  • Learn through specific case studies how the application of virtual reality and related technologies assist in translating archaeological research into public knowledge.
  • Develop an awareness of best practices (and associated software) for integrating virtual reality alongside other forms of public outreach.