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SAA and RPA Partnership Offers Expanded Meeting Safety

Aug 18, 2023




The Society for American Archaeology (SAA) and the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) are pleased to announce that the two organizations are expanding their relationship to strengthen the SAA’s Meeting Safety Policy. The changes allow for reports of misconduct by attendees of SAA meetings or events to be referred to the RPA for investigation under the RPA’s Code of Conduct.

The RPA is the certifying body for archaeology in the United States. The SAA is a founding member of this vital organization, which serves as the backbone of the standards and certification of archaeologists. As the credentialing body, the RPA has expertise in investigating reports of misconduct in the archaeological community.

The new stronger and more formal partnership will help the SAA enforce its Meeting Safety Policy to the benefit of members and other meeting attendees. Christopher Dore, an SAA member who served on the SAA’s Findings Verification Committee and as a past president of the RPA says, “This is a significant step forward for the advancement of archaeology as a profession. Professions require accountability and adherence to a code of conduct. This agreement establishes the long-overdue use of the Register’s grievance process by the SAA.”

The SAA’s Meeting Safety Policy is detailed on its website and has been updated to reflect the new SAA/RPA agreement (Section VI). SAA president Dan Sandweiss says both organizations were careful to ensure the integrity of the process: “Reports submitted to the SAA through its Meeting Safety Policy process remain confidential throughout the investigative process. The goal of this groundbreaking agreement is to enhance the safety of the SAA annual meeting and its associated events.”

The expanded agreement between the organizations retains the RPA’s expertise as a credentialing entity and the SAA’s identity as a membership association.

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