For more information about these opportunities, please contact the SAA's manager, Meetings and Membership:

Carla Fernandez
Society for American Archaeology
1990 K St NW, Suite 401
Washington, DC 20006
Phone: +1-202-559-5881

Advertising at the SAA 89th Annual Meeting 

Get the word out by advertising with the SAA. We have several ways for you to promote your products, including digital opportunities and traditional print opportunities. 

Print Advertising

The meeting Final Program is more than a schedule of events; it also serves as the profile of current archaeological research and is consulted by archaeologists, educators, students, and others throughout the year.

The printed Final Program is distributed to all attendees on-site. Ads placed in the printed Final Program are also included in the PDF version posted to the SAA website.

Insertion Orders due January 25, 2024

Ad cancellations are not accepted after the Insertion Order deadline.

Camera-ready copy due February 1, 2024

Cover 4 (back cover) is 4-color; all other ads are printed in black-and-white.

Electronic Requirements

Camera-ready copy should be submitted as a PDF and emailed to


Full page $450
Covers 2 or 3 $800 SOLD OUT
2-page spread $750
Cover 4 (back cover) $1,200 SOLD OUT
Note: Advertisers are responsible for any production costs incurred on behalf of the advertiser

Reproduction Requirements

  • Trim: 4 ½’ × 7 ½’
  • Bleed: None*
  • High-resolution PDF with all fonts and images embedded in file.
    PDF files should be saved using PDF X-1A, “Highest Quality
    Print,” or “Press” settings in Acrobat to ensure high-resolution
  • All ads are in black-and-white; NO color elements*
  • Printing: Offset
    * Except for Cover 4 (back cover), which can have full bleeds and/or print in full color if desired.

Electronic Advertising

Advance Registration Email Ads

Every year the SAA sends email messages to registered attendees with important information about the meeting.
The advance registration emails have an open rate of up to 60%. Your ad can be included in one of these emails.
Ads can include a 25-word description and a link to a web page of your choice.
Size: 424 (w) × 640 (h) pixels
File: High-resolution JPG or PNG
Due: December 15, 2023
Fee: $250

Daily Digest Ad

Each day of the meeting, the SAA will be sending attendees an e-newsletter (called the Daily Digest) with high-
lights and events that should not be missed. Your ad, which will include a link to your web page, could be featured
in the newsletter. The Daily Digest messages have a consistent open rate of 60% and are rated as one of the most
valuable features of the SAA Annual Meeting, based on 2022 and 2023 survey results. This opportunity is limited
to eight companies, two ads per day!
Size: 2160 (w) × 540 (h) pixels
File: High-resolution JPG or PNG
Due: February 28, 2024
Fee: $250

Ads in the Annual Meeting App

The meeting mobile app will have information about sessions, special events, exhibitors, maps, general informa-
tion, and vital information about the meeting. During the SAA 88th Annual Meeting, we had over 2,000 unique
app users. Each advertiser will need to provide two banners, one for a mobile phone and a second for a tablet /
online browser.
Sizes: 640 × 110 pixels and 640 × 640 pixels
File: High-resolution JPG or PNG
Due: February 29, 2024
Fee: $250


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