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Project Management in Archaeology: How to Finish on Budget and Ahead of Schedule while Meeting Expectations [Foundational Skills]

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Project Management in Archaeology: How to Finish on Budget and Ahead of Schedule while Meeting Expectations [Foundational Skills]

When: October 11, 2023 2:00-3:00 PM ET

Duration: 1 hour

Certification: RPA-certified


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Stefan Brannan, PhD, RPA, PMP, New South Associates, Inc.

Dr. Brannan currently serves as the Director of Archaeology for New South Associates, Inc., a women-owned small business providing cultural resource management services in the southeastern United States and beyond. In his current role, he serves as the administrative manager for the Archaeology Department as well as the project manager and subject matter expert for several ongoing archaeological projects. He has conducted archaeological surveys, testing, data recovery, public outreach, and consultation with and on behalf of private, state, federal, and tribal agencies. He has evaluated numerous archaeological sites for the NRHP under Section 106 and 110 of the NHPA, as well as multiple state registers. His experience encompasses Precontact period and Indigenous residential, monumental, ritual, and mortuary sites; as well as historic domestic, urban, military, and funerary sites. He has conducted projects on behalf of and in consultation with numerous state and federal agencies, including: several state Departments of Transportation, the University of Georgia, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the National Forest Service, the National Park Service, the Tennessee Valley Authority, Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and Georgia Power Company. His active research interests include organizationally complex middle range societies, anthropological and archaeological theory, settlement archaeology, regional survey, and the applications of
project management.
Project management is an extremely important but critically underused body of knowledge in archaeology. Many of the activities that archaeologists engage in fit the definition of a project, but many of us were never introduced to effective project management methods, instead learning through trial and error. The goal of this seminar is to provide an overview of basic project management as an effective tool that can be employed by attendees, including students (e.g., thesis or dissertation objectives, class and independent projects, and publications), private and public sector professionals (e.g., fieldwork, reporting, grant writing, and consultation), and academics (e.g., specific service obligations, publications, student mentorship, and research). Participants should come away with the ability to clarify the role of scope, schedule, and budget in their own projects; identify what makes a project successful; and recognize common pitfalls that contribute to project failure.
  1. Define project management and its basic approaches
  2. Describe the role of scope, schedule, and budget to individual projects
  3. Identify the parameters of project success
  4. Outline how to prepare for and avoid common project management pitfalls