SAA Board of Directors Requests Feedback on Draft Policies

Sep 25, 2019

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The safety of SAA events is our highest priority, and the SAA Board is enormously grateful to the members of the Task Force on Sexual and Anti-Harassment Policies and Procedures for their dedication over the past four months in putting together this new policy proposal to improve our practices. 


This proposal is not final, and the SAA Board would like to give an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed policy. We welcome feedback from all members and non-members who attend our events. The Board requests that responses be submitted by October 7, 2019, so that we can review and discuss the policy recommendations of the task force as well as member comments at our fall meeting on October 11-12, 2019. We look forward to hearing from you, our fellow members.

Draft Sexual & Anti-Harassment Policies & Procedures

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