SAA Archaeological Ethics Survey Closes June 5

May 15, 2020

Go to the video playlist "Ethics Should Concern Everyone: Soliciting Membership Feedback on Updating the Principles of Archaeological Ethics.'" 

We are extending the survey to collect membership feedback on existing ethical principles to June 5. If you have not yet taken the survey, please take the time to do so. The anticipated time to complete the survey is 15-20 minutes.

The best way to help the SAA evaluate and change its ethical principles is by taking the survey.
The survey includes places for open responses, as well as single and multiple choice questions. There is also an option to provide further feedback at the end of the survey. The listening sessions and forum originally scheduled for the annual meeting can not take place due to Covid-19, which the task force deeply regrets as your feedback is important!
In lieu of the forum that the Task Force on the Revision of the SAA Principles of Archaeological Ethics: Stage 2 (TF 2) planned for Austin, please take a moment to view videos from the panelists speaking to a range of topics and issues we hoped to discuss together as a community. The videos both provide information on the current principles and how they may be changed to reflect our discipline today and into the future. 

Please, remember to take the survey by June 5.